Make ye a Tresure Chest

Posted by sgtdillie

Print, cut, and glue yer own pirate treasure chest

Click here fer yer own Printable Treasure Chest

Halloween Pirate Costumes

Posted by sgtdillie

Halloween is a time when many pirates come out and go to home to raid the neighbors of treats. Here are some ideas to make your own costume.

  • Pants: Cut off in a torn, zigzag or jagged fashion pants that are brown, blue, black or striped.
  • Shirt: A white or cream pheasant or dress shirt. A Black, red or white t-shirt that has been Cut in a zigzag fashion
  • Vest: Find a vest or an old coat, shirt or sweater and rip off the sleeves.
  • Sash: Find a scarf or cut up a long pieces of fabric to tie around your waist.
  • Head cover: Tie a handkerchief around your head
  • Eye patch: Paint one on by buying face paint at the store.
    Cut out black fabric and tie black elastic or cord to it.
  • Beard and Mustache: Paint on or draw with eyeliner
  • Costume Jewelry: Mardi Gras beads work well
  • Black or brown boot or shoes
  • A sword and/or hook