Talk Like a Pirate

Posted by sgtdillie

Now if you choose to dress up like a pirate here is some pirate lingo to help you sound like a pirate.

  • Ahoy! – “Hello!”
  • And ye may lay to that! – “You betcha!”
  • Arrr! – This is often confused with “arrrrgh,” which is, of course, the sound you make when you sit on a belaying pin.
  • “Arrrr!”, like “Aloha,” means variously, “yes,” “I agree,” “I’m happy,” “I’m enjoying this beer,” “My team is going to win it all,” “I saw that television show, it sucked!” and “That was a clever remark you or I just made.” And those are just a few of the myriad possibilities of Arrr!
  • Avast! – derived from “hold fast”. Stop and give attention. This word, like many pirate words, has multiple meanings, so it can also can be used in place of, “Whoa! Get a load of that!” “Check it out” or “No way!” or “Get off!”
  • Aye aye! – “I understand what you said and I will carry out your order!”
  • Be – “Am, is, are.” As in “I (or Me) be goin’ t’ get more grog, he be goin’ t’ get more grog, and they be goin’ t’ get more grog.” This will also avoid confusion between “are” and “arrr” or “arrgh.”
  • Belay – To immediately cease or stop. Usually used in a disgusted context such as “Belay that landlubber talk!!”
  • Booty – Anything of value a pirate can plunder.
  • Colors – See also, “Hoist the Colors!” The Pirate flag, with many variations. Designed to strike terror into your opponent, many times they would not even fight back, immediately surrendering.
  • Davy Jones’ Locker – Where the souls of drowned pirates go.
  • Grog – An alcoholic drink
  • Hoist the Colors! – To raise the Pirate flag before attacking. Also a rallying cry for Pirates before they go into battle.
  • Hearties or Matey – Shipmates or friends.
  • Lass – A name for a woman, usually more polite and romantic.
  • Lubber – (or land lubber) Where a lubber is a poor seaman, a land lubber is an exceptionally ignorant seaman. [1] In a room where everyone is talking like pirates, lubber is always an insult.
  • Motherload – refers to when the largest amount of booty is successfully located.
  • Savvy – Ok or understand. As in, “Savvy?” meaning “Do you understand”
  • Scurvy – Well, of course, it’s an awful affliction that used to bedevil buccaneers in days gone by; that’s one reason there was lime juice added to the rum in the water, making grog. So calling someone a “scurvy bilge rat” is even worse than calling him a “bilge rat.”
  • Shiver me timbers! – Pirate for “Well, I’ll be” or “Is that so?”. Originating from when a cannon ball hits a ship and the planking shatters into splinters.